Alegra d.o.o. was founded in Zagreb in 1991. Graphic design and prepress, web design, product design and production of designed materials are our core activities.

By following customer needs for complete service from idea to realization, monitoring the performance designed throughout all phases with cost control and delivery dates, we are continuously realizing our vision of total design. Years of experience and creativity, high quality business process and continuous investment in equipment are the base for security and satisfaction of our clients from many different fields of activity, both in Croatia and abroad.

Quality analysis, creative solutions and continuous communication with the clients enable reliable project realization with maximum product quality and compliance with agreed deadlines.

Our clients do not need to know the professional graphics technology and terminology to realize their project: we will listen to your needs, analyze and propose possible solutions, create a framework for mutually agreed elements, paying special attention to the best price / quality ratio and taking responsibility for performance and delivery of the order. Let us create and you simply – relax.


Creative Director

Sanja is a freelance design artist with 25 years of experience in design, publishing and production, a member of Croatian Artists’ Association, and was many times awarded in the field of graphic and product design. With her thorough knowledge of all graphic software and apps on Mac OSx platform, Sanja is the expert in demanding and multi-challenging projects. She lives in Zagreb, works for clients around the world with communication in English and German in speech and text. Creates and supervises production.

Antonia Grga Vergles
Designer and Prepress Expert

Thanks to many years of experience, professional education and dedication, Antonia independently designs and graphically prepares all types of printed and digital publications and forms. She is specialized in graphic programs on both PC and Mac OS platforms. She lives in Zagreb and works with clients around the world communicating in English in speech and text.

Boris Crljić

In addition to his official title (Bacc. oecc.), Boris also has additional knowledge and skills, and besides contracting and managing daily analytical, financial and documentation jobs, he completes tasks that complement and link the integrity of Alegra (social networking, web design, archiving, system maintenance). Boris lives in Zaprešić and communicates in English in speech and text with clients around the world.

Why Us?

  • We respect the rules of Total Design by taking care of each stage of design and realization while concerning the most cost-effective price and quality and the value of finished product for the end user.
  • We provide complete service from idea to realization and are responsible for quality, price and delivery deadlines.
  • We pay special attention to each product or service, with respect to the identity of a product group, brand or customer.
  • We constantly monitor our clients in developing and solving marketing needs, we archive all materials for free for future use, and all copyrights are transferred to the customer’s property by paying an invoice based on the accepted offer.
  • Our services and products are exported to and delivered to customers in more than 20 countries
  • We localize and adapt the materials we create or receive (print, web or video) into all worlds’ languages.
  • Correspondence and communication are conducted in English and in German language.

Recognize Us!

Our project “Recognize Us!”, Reference mark KK., was accepted for co-financing by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Grant Agreement was signed on the November 29th .2017, with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment.

Short description of the project

The purpose of the project is to expand the capacities of Alegra d.o.o. by modernizing hardware, software and communication channels and introducing new services into our business in the field of specialized design activities, and adaptation of the working space.

Realizing the purpose of the project will ensure long-term business success with existing and future clients, thus fully fulfilling the basic objective of the competition, ie it will encourage the applicant company in the design services sector to increase (with support) its competitiveness in domestic and international markets contributing to the faster economic growth of the country. The implementation period of the project is from 01.10.2017. to 01.10.2018.

The total value of the project is 191.361,25 HRK, and the co-financing rate of the European Union is 125.110,66 HRK.
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